• with Enrique Fuentes at the FAIR FOR ART Vienna 2022 © Fleur Christine Vitale 2022
    Enrique Fuentes

    Enrique Fuentes' work is powerful, intense, mystical,...

  • Archaeutopian Networks *© ecm/ 2016-18
    Archaeutopian Networks
    The essence of the University of Applied Arts Vienna is the highlight of each academic year and shows selected...
  • Museumszukunfts-Zufallsgenerator *© FUTURE UNDONE, 2017 *Photo: Birgit und Peter Kainz

    An experimental arrangement about the future of the museum and the Museum of the Future.

    What significance...

  • For Future Reference - App version for iPad *© For Future Reference, 2020
    For Future Reference. Memory is a Creative Process
    We all gather information, inspiration, ideas. Important and less important documents, graphics and notes...
  • Inlaid label by Gabriele Martin *© Gabriele Martin 2013
    Gabriele Martin. Upcycling Design

    Gabriele Martin is a make-up artist. Surfaces and shapes are her domain. Since 2012 Martin has also been working as...

  • Tiger at Ranthambore NP (Exhibit presented by Monika Fiby, ZooLex) *© ZooLex, 2013
    Monika Fiby. Zoodesign

    There are a few handful of their guild, they work around the globe and are highly specialized. Monika Fiby is a zoo...

  • Tim White-Sobieski: Closer to fall *© Tim White-Sobieski
    Tim White-Sobieski

    Tim White-Sobieski works in a variety of artistic disciplines - painting, photography, video, light installation....

  • Sonja Sagan in concert *© Sonja Sagan, 2013
    Sonja Sagan. Singer. Songwriter

    Sonja Sagan has been writing her own songs for four years now - pure, with minimalist use of instruments and...

  • Cover *Mario Schmolka: INTENSE (Model: Dji) *© Mario Schmolka, 2013
    MARIO SCHMOLKA Photography

    Mario Schmolka is currently one of the most internationally sought-after fashion and beauty photographers. A master...

  • Edward Mapplethorpe: Hair Transfer *© Edward Mapplethorpe, 2013
    Edward Mapplethorpe

    Edward Mapplethorpe began his solo career in 1990 and quickly gained recognition with his softly drawn, luminous...

  • Helmut Grill: Dreamgirls, from the series The Refuges *© Helmut Grill
    Helmut Grill

    Helmut Grill, media artist, works routinely, playfully and seductively with the most diverse materials. In recent...

  • Andrea Peller: from Lifeball backstage, 2012 *© Andrea Peller, 2013
    ANDREA PELLER Photography

    Andrea Peller is photographing... countries, cities, people, events. She prefers to work in black and white. You...


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VITALE Arts & Media Management stands for broad experience, holistic approach and network thinking. We look after projects and clients in all sectors - if we have the right ideas, instruments and contacts... and when "we" fit together.

Our references range widely, from photo and media artists to art museums, dance companies and zoo designers.